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As you know, questions in each Readiness Assessment correlate to an Intervention Lesson. If a student does not submit a correct answer for at least one or two of the questions (question quantities vary per topic) the Intervention Lesson can be assigned to the student. 

You will find a correlation chart for Accelerated Grade 7 attached to this announcement. This information will be included right in the Program Overview Guide in its next iteration. (This announcement was posted on 10/21/14).

You may also notice that there are not always three questions for each Intervention Lesson. The skills in those lessons are critical for a student’s success in the Unit. Given the pace necessary to cover all of the material in the Accelerated Grade 7 course, there may not be time within class to review these skills. In these cases, a student who did not show complete mastery in the Readiness Assessment is assigned the Intervention Lesson.