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(posted 2/17/2014)

There is a new feature on SuccessNet Plus that enables a teacher to set Advanced Options for most activities and assessments. This requires each student to type in a password to gain access to the content.

This would be helpful to keep students from accessing a test until a specified time. For example when the students are in the class and it is the time for students to take the test. For this example, I suggest the teacher assign a different password for each class. If they do not, then students could share the password with students who have not yet taken the test. To do this, the teacher either assigns the test separately to each class or the teacher modify the assignment for each class after the assignment is made for multiple classes.

To assign a proctor password during the assignment process:

1. Assign a test or activity.

2. Select one or more classes.

3. Select the due date.

4. Click Advanced Assign.

5. Click Save and Continue.

6. Expand Advanced Options near the bottom of the window.

7. Check the box for Require proctor password.

8. Create your proctor password (6 and 24 characters).

9. Click Save and then OK.

Here are the steps to set a proctor password for an existing assignment:

1. Assign a test or activity

2. Click on the Classes tab

3. Click Manage Coursework

4. Locate the activity you want to add a proctor password

5. Click the down-arrow to the right of the activity or assessment title and select Properties

6. Expand the Advanced Options section

7. Place a check mark in the Require Proctor Password

8. Create your Proctor password (6 to 24 characters)

9. Click Save and then OK.