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Homework, practice and assessments in digits are powered by MathXL for School software. We are experiencing a few issues with MathXL for School running on the recently released iOS8. We will be releasing a patch on 10/22/2014 to fix these problems; please read below for temporary workarounds until this patch is in place. 

The digits team has discovered that the MathXL player can be sensitive to the types of inputs it receives, and may score a correct answer as incorrect. For example, if a student uses the alpha letter "x" instead of the multiplication symbol, it will be marked incorrect. To give you an overview of these temporary MathXL player sensitivities, we created an FAQ/User Guide document that addresses how to work with different question types in digits MathXL homework and assessments. This document is attached in the upper right hand corner of this message.

NOTE: some of the MathXL homework assignments question screen may appear to be blank on iPads. We are working on identifying a root cause and including a fix in the 10/22 patch release. In the meantime, if you turn the iPad from landscape to portrait mode and back again, the screen will reset and the questions will appear.